WCTH’s Rosemary Hutton and Kavan Smith Reunite For New Project — and It Comes With a *Killer* Twist (2024)

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When Calls the Heart fans are already missing their favorite Hope Valley residents following the Season 11 finale, but two of them are returning to viewers’ screens a lot sooner than expected. Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith, who portray beloved couple Rosemary and Lee Coulter on the hit Western drama, are reuniting for a new mystery movie, titled Nelly Knows Mysteries,premiering in August.

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Hutton has already dabbled in crime solving, as her WCTH character spent the majority of Season 11 trying to figure out who shot Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) on election night. By the penultimate episode, Rosemary had broken the case and exposed Lucas’ ex-fiancée Jeanette Aucoin as the mastermind behind the shooting.

In her new movie, she’ll be teaming up with Smith to solve a murder and clear her best’s friends name. The official synopsis reads: “When an unusual handwritten letter arrives at Nelly’s (Hutton) office, she identifies the handwriting as belonging to her childhood friend Dahlia claiming her boyfriend Blake is being unfaithful. Determined to help, Nelly wants some answers and rushes to Blake’s home, only to find his dead body. When Dahlia becomes the prime suspect, the new, handsome detective in town, Michael Hogan (Smith), must work with Nelly to prove that her childhood friend is not the killer everyone believes her to be.”

WCTH’s Rosemary Hutton and Kavan Smith Reunite For New Project — and It Comes With a *Killer* Twist (2)

In addition to Hutton and Smith, Nelly Knows Mysteries will also star Sarah Grey as Dahlia and Julian Haig as Blake. Other cast members include Nelson Wong, Veronica Long, Kendall Cross, Jim Byrnes and Jill Morrison. The whodunit movie will be directed by David I. Strasser and it was written by Katherine Wagner.

The project was announced in late June and it will air some time in August as part of Hallmark’s “Summer Nights” programming event. “Viewers will be taken on a wild crime solving ride with the help of man’s best friend, while one of Hope Valley’s favorite couples work to prove a childhood friend’s innocence,” the network said in a press release.

On June 29, Hutton shared a series of photos taken that month on Instagram, captioned: “June 📸 Drop.” The post included a behind-the-scenes photo of her and Smith on the set of Nelly Knows Mysteries, and she tagged the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries account. Several Hearties commented on the post and expressed their excitement for the new film. “So excited about the new mystery movie!!!!” one fan wrote. “You & Kavan look so darling in that shot, super excited for the sleuthing!” another added. “A new mystery movie with you & Kavan was the Best Surprise! 😲,” a third fan commented. A fourth chimed in: “OMG, do you and @kavansmith have a new movie coming up on Hallmark? And it’s a mystery? Amazing news 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉.”

WCTH’s Rosemary Hutton and Kavan Smith Reunite For New Project — and It Comes With a *Killer* Twist (3)

It’s unclear if the movie will become a franchise, as many other mystery movies for the network have, but Hutton and Smith have amazing on-screen chemistry and are close friends off-screen, so we have no doubt that the movie will be a hit. “She’s one of my best friends and we love working together,” Smith told Pop Culture Principle about working with Hutton. “We’ve been incredibly lucky to be given the time to build this bond and we hope we can keep it rolling. Mostly what it boils down to is a real love of making each other laugh. We’ll do almost anything to get the other person to crack. I think that joy is what people see on screen.”

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In addition to WCTH and the upcoming Nelly Knows Mysteries, the pair have also worked together on The Perfect Bride and its sequel, You Had Me at Aloha and Notes of Autumn.

When Calls the Heart is available to stream on Peaco*ck.

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WCTH’s Rosemary Hutton and Kavan Smith Reunite For New Project — and It Comes With a *Killer* Twist (2024)
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