Warehouse key card (Unknown facility) (2024)

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Warehouse key card (Unknown facility)
Warehouse access key card.
Cannot be sold.

Key card carried by Diedrick. It unlocks the storeroom behind his camp in the bunker.

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Keys and keycards

Private Quarters Key CardSGS Barracks Footlocker KeySGS Cave Access CardSecurity KeycardSecurity Room KeyQuinton's KeycardPatrick Pierce's Room KeyMortuary Keycard

Warehouse key card (Unknown facility) (2)
GMS compound

KeyEmergency Hatch KeyLadder Room Key Bloomberg's KeySurveillance Room KeycardLevel 1 Storage KeycardBiology Lab Key Card


House Key (North)House Keycard (East)House Key (South)House Key (South, Lockers)Scrapper Footlocker KeyEddy's KeyElwood's KeycardGarren's Key CardDockmaster's Key

Embassy & SRO

Athanas' Key CardEmbassy Prison KeyCell 1 KeyCell 2 KeyCell 3 KeyPowerbox Key

Depot A

Depot A KeyThe Wormhole KeyInner Gate Key CardNorth Gate Key CardOld KeyOuter South Gate KeySecurity KeycardWyatt's Key

Rail Crossing

Tunnel HatchHolding Cell Key (Buzzer's Shop)Private Quarters Key 1Private Quarters Key 2Private Quarters Key 3Private Quarters Key 4Security Keycard (Railcrossing Warehouse)


Evelyn's KeyBunker Key CardPrison Armory KeyDelma's KeyStoreroom keyVisiting Room keyCart Security Card (Foundry Mines)

Core City

Hardcore City Bar backdoor keyHardcore City Bar Room 1 KeyHardcore City Bar Room 2 KeyHardcore City Bar Room 3 KeySlavomir's keyBogdan' KeyBogdan's Footlocker KeyDock's Utility Room KeyTerminal Room 6 KeyWarehouse Security CardCoretech Research Facility KeycardSewer Gate KeySewer KeySewer Storage Key CardDave's KeyJyles' KeyCore City House Key CardAttic Key Card (Manor)Armory Key (Manor)Freezer Key Card (Manor)Pens Key (Manor)Side Entrance Key (Manor)Vlatko's KeyVlatko's KeycardMaster Storage Key Card (Port Zenith)Room 3 Key (Residential)Room 4 Key (Residential)Room 5 Key (Residential)Room 8 Key (Residential)Small Key


Gauntlet Key - RedGauntlet Key - BlueGauntlet Key - GreenGauntlet Key - YellowGauntlet Robot Room Key CardRathound Room Key Card

Abandoned BiocorpFacility

Armory keyGenerator Room KeycardMaintenance Room KeycardSector 2 KeycardStorage Room Keycard

Upper Underrail

Hideout Trapdoor Key (Upper Underrail)Hideout Key (Upper Underrail)Holding Cells Key Card (Panacea Lab)Room 1 Key Card (Panacea Lab)Room 2 Key Card (Panacea Lab)Loading Bay Keycard (Epione Lab)Storage Key Card (Epione Lab)Anastasia's Key (Fort Apogee)Branco's Key (Fort Apogee)Colonel Cathcart's Key (Fort Apogee)Fraser's Key (Fort Apogee)An Old Keycard

Lower Underrail

Rathound King's KeyEdgar's Key (Camp Hathor)Footlocker key (Caves)Lunatic's KeyKey (Abandoned warehouse)Security Keycard (Abandoned warehouse)Security Keycard (Lost Vault)Trader's key (Caves)Guards KeyButcher's Key (Lurker Base)Storage 1A Key Card (Bunker)Storage 1B Key Card (Bunker)Storage 2 Key Card (Bunker)Office Keycard (Hephaestus Research)Free Drones Hideout Key CardCoretech Research Facility KeyDatabase Access Card Level 2 (Abram)Database Access Card Level 3 (Azif)Data Storage Key Card (HRO)Lab Gate Key Card (HRO)Terry Baker's Keycard (Caves)

Institute of Tchort

Armory KeyHolding Pens KeyLibrary Propagator CardHarpocrates Station KeyUtility Station 7 Keycard (Harpocrates Station)Storage 2 Key (Toxic Waste Processing Plant)Security Gate KeycardSecurity Room KeycardHolding Cells Console Key Card Elevator Key Card

Deep Caverns

Rusty KeyToxic Storage KeycardWasi Abdul's KeycardMaria Hope's KeycardCytosine Outpost Armory KeyPower Box Key (Cytosine Outpost)Master Keycard (Caerus Residential Block)Yuri Holland's Keycard (Tithonus Lab)Lock up Key (Talos Outpost)


Entertainment Room KeycardJanitor's Closet KeycardRecharge Pad Generator KeyAssembly Control Room 2 KeycardUtility KeyUtility Storage KeycardUtility KeycardSenad Roberts' Office KeycardPower Control Room Keycard


Cell Key (Hopperdrome)Hopper Pen Key (Caves)

The Compound

Restricted Access Keycard (The Compound)Cognator Medchamber Keycard (The Compound)


Power Room Key (Water Treatment Plant)Master Keycard (Water Treatment Plant)Master Key (Water Treatment Plant)Warehouse key card (Unknown facility)

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Warehouse key card (Unknown facility) (2024)
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