Parineeti 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju decides to marry Pari - Telly Updates (2024)

Parineeti 30th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sukwinder says to come to the court at 11 AM. Everyone is shocked. Sukwinder leaves. Pamo says there was never a divorce in our family. But it’s okay. If two people aren’t happy together there is no other way. She says but if that happens Sanju you’ve to accept Pari. Because what would happen to this child? Pari decided to get pregnant for her. She did this for Neeti. This child isn’t her responsibility. Pari will stay here.

Scene 2
Sanju comes to the court. Neet comes there with Sukwinder. Pari calls Neeti. Neeti says what do you want? Pari says please listen to me. Neeti says how can you be so shameless? You want me to share my husband with you. Pari says no. Snaju says what do you want Pari? How much do you want her to insult you? There’s a thing called self-respect. Pari says to save relations you’ve to keep self-respect aside. He says feelings and respect don’t come back. All feelings are over for me. Neeti says you can talk to me directly. He says you talk to people who understand. Not to people who listen but don’t understand. Neeti says how can you all unsee his behavior? He’s insulting me. Pami says he’s saying the truth. I can’t do anything. Neeti says you liked Pari from day 1. She says you’re all liars. Shame on this family. He started this relationship with Pari after marrying me. You’re all at fault. Shame on this family. Pari says what are you saying? Neeti says I am glad I am getting out of this dirt. This is such a dirty family. What else should a family be called that cares more about an outsider over their DIL. Did you ever take my side over Pari? No right? Neeti’s lawyer takes her inside.

Sanju calls someone and says get the cards printed, Sanju weds Pari. The lawyer tells the court Sanju cheated on Neeti. Pari says they can’t live without each other. They’re angry. The judge says I will decide not you. Neeti says my husband cheated on me with another girl. This Pari, who is pretending tobe my friend. He only listens to her and cares about her these days. Sanju says stop it. Neeti says see how he can’t hear a word against her. The judge asks do you want to live together? Neeti says not at all. Sanju says to me neither. The judge says cheating is a very strong reason. I accept this divorce. Neeti says thank you, sir. I want to get out of this relationship as soon as possible. I don’t want to be his wife for a second more. He says we will fast-track it, you will get a divorce in 6 months. Neeti says that’s a lot of time. He says then you both can mutually agree, it will speed up the process.

The lawyer asks Neeti and Sanju to sign a mutual divorce agreement. The lawyer tells Neeti she can add conditions that can benefit her. Neeti says it’s beyond any benefits now. Sanju says you will get whatever you want. I will do what you ask. Neeti leaves. Sanju tells Tao ji I need to go somewhere for work.

Scene 2
Neeit cries. She says to Sukwinder I don’t feel happy. Sukwinder says your heart aches. This is how humans are. Neeti says I wanna go back to Sanju. I made a mistake. Sukwinder says but.. Sanju comes in. He says can I talk to you? Neeti comes to talk to him. Sanju says when we met at the court I was very angry and so were you. We both said a lot of things. You said so many things about me and my family and.. Neeti says and Pari? He says I was so angry I didn’t even want to see your face. I thought I can come here and get angry. But I can’t. Neeti says I know you think I am doing wrong. Put yourself in my shoes. I didn’t do anything wrong. He says I got things wrong. I should have understood things at the right time. Neeti says in heart he’s realized his mistake. Sanju says this is affecting our families and us. We should ned it. So I can resolve it forever. Neeti says in heart he’s here to say sorry. Sanju says you said I cheated on you. I know I lied ot you but I never cheated. I always loved you. I didn’t tell the truth because I was scared of losing you. My wedding with Pari was just past and my ticket to freedom so I could come to the city. Beucase you wanted a city guy. And see we met here again. I tried a lot to tell you the truth. You reacted a lot. You did right. Any girl would. But now you’ve gotten used to hate. You can’t differentiate between right and wrong. I found a solution. When we call a thief, thief, they have no problem but when we call a innocent man a thief, they get upset. My family did so much for you and see what you did. You insulted them everywhere. You’ve ashamed them everywhere. Even in the party. They should have slapped you. Neeti says what are you saying. He says you keep accusing her. You said such bad things about my family, called Pari characterless. You won’t be able to say that anymore. Because now she will be my wife. You can now go to my family and accuse them of taking Pari’s side. Because now she will be their DIL and my wife. Neeti is shocked. He says the first card should be given to the most special person. No one is more special than you. Here is my wedding card. Pari and I are getting married. Neeti is shocked.

Precap: Neeti yells at Pari that my divorce is final and you announced your wedding date. Sanju says to Neeti, I did this for your happiness. Court grants Sanju and Neeti divorce.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Parineeti 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju decides to marry Pari - Telly Updates (2024)
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