Parineeti 1st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju to marry Pari - Telly Updates (2024)

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Scene 1
Sanju gives Neeti a wedding card and says do come to the wedding. I will wait for you. Neeti cries. Sanju leaves. Neeti falls down. She cries. Sukwinder tries to console her.

Sanju comes home. Pami asks her to eat. he says I am not hungry. Neeti comes in and says Pari where are you? Wow eating with so much peace? What have you cooked to celebrate? Sanju says go from here. Neeti says you can ask me to leave? He says yes I can. I will. Neeti says you proved everything right. You are dying to live with Pari so your wish to marry her will come true. Pari says Neeti.. Neeti says shut up. Pari says I only want you to stay happy.. Neeti says really? What is this then? Your and Sanju’s wedding card? Everyone is shocked. NEeti says our divorce isn’t even finalized and you’re already marrying him? Tao ji says what card? Neeti says here is the card with all the details of all functions. They’re all before the court decision comes. Sanju says so. I am doing this all for you so you never feel guilty that you ever did anything wrong. Or you doubted wrongfully. I am turning your doubts into truth. You should celebrate, you stand right and you won’t have regrets. Neeti says wow. Don’t blame me for your sins. Sanju says if you can call me and my family disgusting I can do this too. Go and enjoy life away from this disgusting family. Neeti says I’ve no interest in coming here. I came here to see the faces of liars. Sanju says happy now? You can go now. Neeti leaves.

Pari looks at the card and says what is this? Sanju says Neeti has insulted me and family enough. I had no other option. I am sorry if you didn’t like. Sanju leaves. Pari cries.

Scene 2
Sanju comes out. Amit comes to him. Amit asks what are you doing here? He says erasing memories. I used to come here with Neeti. I will create new memories with Pari. I wont let my past affect it. Neeti comes there and sees him there. Sanju buys the ice cream. Neeti recalls coming there with Sanju. Neeti cries. She says it won’t change anything now. Neeti leaves.

Sukwinder and Neeti later see Sanju at a coffee shop. Sukwider says you should talk to him. Neeti says we used to come here often. He’s missing me for sure. He’d come back to me. Neeti leaves. Amit comes. Sanju says I used to have coffee with Neeti here. But life still goes on. I want to erase all my memories with Neeti. All my relations with her are over.

Scene 3
Pari sees Neeti. She tries to stop her. Neeti says what do you want? I am sure you’re buying fruits so you can make everyone happy. You’re playing games and winning so you wanna celebrate right? You’re a madi in that house. You can never be Sanju’s wife. He will never accept you his wife. I know he misses you. He’d always come to the market with me but not here with you. You’re a servant. Pari says please tell me once you wanna come back to sanju. Neeti says I won’t do that. Neeti says I dont’ give up. Pari says keep your ego aside, let your marriage win. Neeti says Sanju will realize his mistake and come back to me. Sanju comes there. He takes the bag from Pari and says let’s go. Neeti shocked.

Pari tries to talk to Sanju. He says I don’t want to talk about Neeti. Pari says she loves you a lot. Sanju says I don’t. Neeti goes back home. She cries in her car. Neeti says to Sukwinder I am very hurt by what Pari has done. I have so much anger in me. I feel like Sanju will come back to me. Sukwinder says he came and you rejected. Neeti says I wanted him to try more. Pri has to leave that house. Sukwinder says he didn’t accept your condition. Neeti says sanju loves me a lot. He will accept my condition.

Precap: Court grants Sanju and Neeti divorce. Taiji asks Pari, does she really want to marry Sanju. Pari says yes, I want to marry Sanju.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Parineeti 1st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanju to marry Pari - Telly Updates (2024)
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