Jody Hamilton | Carol Burnett Daughter, Does She Have Siblings? – Biography, Net Worth, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships (2024)

Jody Hamilton, also known as Jodie Hamilton, is a television producer, actress, and writer. She is best known as the daughter of Carol Burnett, the host of The Carol Burnett Show. Carol has three daughters, half of whom are Hamilton.

Jody, like her mother Carol, followed in her mother’s footsteps into show business. She produced Carol Burnette: Show Stoppers, the TV movie Porkchop Playhouse, and the short film Lunchtime Thomas. Her mother, on the other hand, is a well-known comedian with over eighty acting credits and numerous television appearances. She has also appeared on popular television shows such as Mad About You, Hawaii Five-O, Hot in Cleveland, All My Children, and Carol And Friends.

Despite being the daughter of one of America’s most well-known comedians, Jody’s childhood was different from that of other celebrity children. It turns out that she and her sisters have a complicated relationship with their renowned mother. Read on to learn more about Carol Burnett’s daughter, including her profession, husband, and other details.

Jody Hamilton was born in California.

Jody Hamilton was born in Los Angeles, California on January 18, 1967. Carol reportedly stated in an interview that Jody, along with her two sisters Erin and Carrie, literally grew up on the set.

Joe Hamilton, Jody’s late father, died in 1991 from head and lung cancer. He worked as a television producer for many series and also played the eponymous role of Carol on The Carol Burnett Show for eleven years.

Jody Hamilton’s parents were her mother’s second husband.

Jody’s mother, Carol, had three husbands during her life. Don Saroyan, Burnett’s first spouse, was her college sweetheart, whom she married in 1955. However, they divorced in 1962.

Burnett married Jody’s father, Joe Hamilton, a year later in 1963. It lasted until 1984, when Burnett had three daughters, including Jody. Her sisters Erin and Carrie were the other two.

Carol married her current husband Brian Miller in November 2001 after divorcing Jody’s father, Joe Hamilton.

Jody’s sisters, Erin and Carrie; one died of cancer.

Carrie, one of Jody’s sisters, died on January 20, 2002, at the age of 38. She, like her late father, was battling lung and brain cancer.

By the age of 13, Carrie had become a heavy drug and alcohol addict. Fortunately, she was able to overcome her addiction and became an actress. She appeared in the 1996 rock opera film Rent, as well as the 1986 television series Fame. Jody’s sister Carrie previously worked with their mother, actress Carol, on a play called Hollywood Arms, which chronicled their mother’s rise from rags to riches.

Carrie was also the frontwoman of the punk band Gilt Lily.

Jody’s late sister was also a talented actress, singer and playwright. She also appeared on Beverly Hills 90210, X Files, Murder She Wrote and other shows.

Erin Hamilton, Hamilton’s other sister, also struggled with addiction.

Jody’s other sister, Erin, Carol’s youngest daughter, is still alive. She, like her late sister Carrie, has struggled with addiction. Carol actually filed for formal custody of Erin’s son Dylan in August 2020, claiming that her daughter’s addiction problem was ruling her grandson’s life.

Jody has eight half-siblings in addition to her two sisters, however, they are from her late father’s previous relationships.

Jody Hamilton’s career; She is now primarily a podcast host

Carol’s middle daughter, as stated above, is a producer in film, television, and other industries. According to the 1967-born producer, she is primarily in charge of all production logistics and facilitating production requirements. She admits to handling equipment contracts, purchase orders, tape/digital media, inventory, insurance, day player contracts, cast and crew lists, and a variety of other set needs. Jody is also well-versed in Final Cut Pro Editor.

Hamilton now primarily serves as host and producer of the weekly audio show From The Bunker, which focuses on politics and pop culture. It has been running since March 2009. Jody records, edits and uploads each episode of From The Bunker.

She also appears as a guest on the Steph Miller Show every Tuesday and the Bob Cesca Show every Thursday.

Carol’s daughter previously worked as a producer for Joe Hamilton Productions and her father’s Creative Vision Group.

She was also nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special. Jody has also performed covers as well as some original songs.

Hamilton graduated from the University of the Pacific with a Bachelor of Arts, Entertainment Management.

Jody’s relationship; She is married to a musician/guitarist

Jody is married to musician and cartoonist Lonny or Lonnie Paul. Paul and Jody tied the knot on September 18, 2015. Although nothing is known about Lonny and Jody’s relationship, Hamilton on her Facebook page indicates that she first met Paul in 2000.

Jody’s husband, Lonny Lynam, is a guitarist who was a member of the Los Angeles rock supergroup Adler. Steven Adler, former drummer for Guns & Roses, created the band.

Speaking about Jody’s past relationships, although Carol and Joe’s middle daughter hasn’t revealed anything yet, it’s possible that she had some lovers or even more serious relationships in the past.

As it turns out, Jody was already 33 when she met her current husband, Lonny, and it’s reasonable to assume that she had at least one or two previous relationships. However, the Emmy nominee has yet to reveal any details about these concerns.

Is Jody Hamilton as rich as her mother? How much money does she have?

Jody, although a star in her own right, appears to be less well off financially than her well-known comedian mother, Carol, who has a staggering net worth of over $40 million.

Carol is unquestionably in the same league as some of the richest actresses on television. The scale of her money is also not surprising given that the 89-year-old singer and comedian’s career spanned six decades.

Carol’s daughter Jody, on the other hand, although she has been in show business for a long time, has not had the same success as her billionaire mother. Hamilton, on the other hand, could be a well-off celebrity child with a net worth of six figures or even more.

Jody Hamilton | Carol Burnett Daughter, Does She Have Siblings? – Biography, Net Worth, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships (2024)
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