Is There Any Legitimacy To Rumors That The Boys' Star Erin Moriarty Got Plastic Surgery? (2024)

There is almost definitely a problem with media attention on women when it comes to enhancements to their bodies. While men, such as Pete Davidson, also face heavy scrutiny for potentially altering their bodies, it's simply not comparable to what women have to deal with. Stars like Selena Gomez are constantly asked about whether or not they have had surgery, injections, lifts, or fillers.On the flip side, it's important that fans know that the bodies they idolize on stage, on television, or in cinema aren't always entirely natural. Therefore an argument can be made that it's important to know whether a star has altered themselves in some way.It's particularly interesting in the case of Boys star Erin Moriarty. After all, her character, Starlight, struggled with the media attention on her body and pressure to look a certain way.But in real life, some fans on Youtube, Reddit, and Twitter seem almost certain that Erin made choices for her body that her character fought against.

Why Some Fans Think Erin Moriarty Got Plastic Surgery

It's important to note that at the time of this writing, Erin Moriarty has not publicly addressed the rumors of her receiving plastic surgery. On top of this, it's vital that fans don't get her views mixed up with those of Starlight. Just because her superhero character had certain opinions on the Amazon Prime show doesn't mean that Erin shares them.

Although, in an interview with Collider, Erin did speak about the idea of body perfectionism and showing what real women look like.

Most importantly, Erin's body is hers to do as she pleases.

Among the many accusations leveled at Erin over the past few months are that she received a nose job, botox, shaved down her jawline and got breast enhancements. There's no doubt that Erin's appearance has changed. And it's not just aging. There are notable differences in her face and body that can be viewed on her Instagram.

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However, many of these changes can be attributed to weight loss.

According to The Focus, Erin dropped a few pounds and got pretty jacked for the latest season of The Boys. And, it's no surprise that some fans on Twitter criticized her for doing this.

But losing weight may not explain every alleged change to her body that fans seem focused on (for better or for worse).

Did Erin Moriarty Get Plastic Surgery?

Since Erin hasn't addressed the rumors, we can't know for sure if she's cosmetically altered her body in any way. Although, Celebrity Post claims that 75% of "experts" claim she has. While we don't know who these experts are, we do know one respected plastic surgeon's opinion.

Dr. Anthony Youn, otherwise known as America's holistic plastic surgeon, took the time to dissect the rumors about Erin's alleged plastic surgery on his Youtube channel.

"One of Erin's facial characteristics is that her face is relatively round. She has a nice jawline. Her eyebrows are not super harsh. And she has a small nose, maybe with a tiny bump on top of it," Dr. Youn explained.

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He then compared images from 2022 and 2016. Some seemed like definite proof that Erin had done something with her eyebrows and shaved down her jawline. However, he pointed out that there are images from 2016 where her eyebrows and jawline appear exactly as they do today.

But that doesn't mean she hasn't had any work done.

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"I do think it's possible that she may have had a touch of botox recently and that can create some arching of her eyebrows. But, honestly, when I watch her on the show The Boys, I don't really see any signs of botox at all," Dr. Youn said. "Those people saying that she has had some major changes to her jawline, I think that they are just plain wrong."

Dr. Youn also claimed that Erin likely hasn't had any significant lip filler but he does think it's possible that she received rhinoplasty.

"It does look like a tiny bump on the top of her nose may have been shaved off," Dr. Youn said. "It is possible that her nose may have been narrowed very slightly."

As for her cheeks, Dr. Youn said, "It does appear that her cheeks may have been a bit lifted or filled out. This can be due to some very subtle injections of filler into her cheeks."

Despite all of this, some fans believe that Erin altered her chest in some way. The Boys star has been rocking a petite frame without notable curves throughout her career and has shown them off in one scene on The Boys. However, recent Instagram images show her with a far bustier physique. But currently, there's no information to back up these claims.

And, as Dr. Youn said, whatever work Erin may have had done is "quite minor".

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Is There Any Legitimacy To Rumors That The Boys' Star Erin Moriarty Got Plastic Surgery? (2024)
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