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Immigration Lawyers Fort Myers Florida

Immigration Lawyer Fort Myers, Florida | CFUIS (1)

Immigration Lawyer Fort Myers, Florida | CFUIS (4)

Immigration Lawyer Fort Myers, Florida | CFUIS (5)

Immigration Lawyer Fort Myers, Florida | CFUIS (6)Immigration Lawyer Fort Myers, Florida | CFUIS (7)Immigration Lawyer Fort Myers, Florida | CFUIS (8)Immigration Lawyer Fort Myers, Florida | CFUIS (9)

Our immigration lawyer in Fort Myers provides quality immigration services to businesses and individuals. Fort Myers is home to the Center for U.S. Immigration Services, where immigration is personal for our immigration lawyers because we are immigrants too. We have walked through the immigration process and understand how stressful and confusing it can be.

Suppose you want to have a stress-free and successful immigration process. Then you should contact our Fort Myers immigration lawyer.

Our Fort Myers office proudly serves Lee, Charlotte, Hendry, and Glades Counties and their environs. Our office is strategically located near USCIS field offices in Fort Myers, so you won’t spend as much time traveling between meetings with immigration officials and your attorney.

Aside from our Fort Myers office, we also have an office in Lagos, Nigeria and in six other cities in Florida: Tampa, Bradenton, Clearwater, Jacksonville, Miami, and Orlando.

Walk-In Notice: At this time, our CFUIS Fort Myers office is seeing clients by appointment only. We are unable to accommodate walk-in appointments. Please call our office at 239-327-0101 to schedule an appointment.

Fort Myers, FL

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Fort Myers, Florida 33901

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High Success Rates

We never take a case just to collect a fee. We only represent clients if we believe their case can be successful, no matter how much money we could make.

Hire a Team of Lawyers for the Price of One

Our lawyers have specialized knowledge in many areas of immigration law so you won’t need to hire an attorney for each aspect of your case. For one fee, you access the experience and skills of our entire firm.

World-Wide Experience

Our lawyers represent clients from all over the world, so we are skilled at navigating across cultures.

We speak multiple languages so communication will not be a barrier to your case.

Comprehensive Immigration Services

We handle every stage of the immigration process. Whether you need an initial evaluation of your case or representation in court, we can guide you from the beginning to the end.

Relationships with Immigration Officials

We have cultivated relationships with local immigration officers, and we are known for our attention to detail. Our reputation ensures your case is reviewed thoroughly and fairly.

Business Immigration

This includes visas for businesses, investors, hiring of foreign nationals (employment) – whether short or long term.

U/T Visa: Victims of a Crime

  • The U-Visa is for victims of specific crimes who have endured physical or mental harm.
  • The T-Visa is for victims of sex or labor trafficking either in the process of entering the U.S. or when already in the U.S.
  • Victims of crimes whether for U-Visa or T-Visa must have cooperated with law enforcement in order to be considered for approval.

Family Immigration

As the name implies, it involves immigration for a U.S. citizen or permanent resident’s spouse, child, parents or siblings. The length of time for processing the visa depends on the family relationship.

Extraordinary Ability Visas and National Interest Waiver Visas

Individuals who have distinguished themselves in the arts, science or business may apply for visas based on exceptional ability in their fields. To determine eligibility, potential clients must go through initial consultation which includes, but is not limited to a review of resume/CV and field of interest in the U.S.

Waivers of Inadmissibility

Some visa applicants are barred from remaining in the U.S. or from entering the U.S. because of visa overstay, entry without inspection, immigration court removal order, misrepresentation or prior crime. Any person barred due to one or more of the stated reasons is inadmissible. An applicant may be able to waive inadmissibility if certain conditions are met.

Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Visas

A non-immigrant visa gives you permission to come to work or visit the U.S. for a short period of time. The U.S. government tells you exactly how long you’re allowed to stay in the country. The purpose of an immigrant visa, on the other hand is to apply for Permanent Residence. A Permanent Resident is allowed to live and work in the U.S. indefinitely. It is also the first step to becoming a U.S. citizen.

Political Asylum

People whose lives are in danger in their home country can move to another country and apply for asylum. This means asking for permission from another country’s government to live there because it isn’t safe to return home.


The most common way a person becomes a U.S. citizen is by being born in the country. If you were born in another country, you can still become a citizen. The process of becoming a citizen is called naturalization. There are rules a non-U.S. citizen must comply with to be naturalized – Above 18 years, never registered or voted in election, paid taxes, does not owe child support, and has been of good moral character.

Deportation Defense

What is a deportation defense lawyer?

Many people around the world want to live in the United States, but just moving to the U.S. does not mean you are allowed to stay. If you don’t follow the right rules, the U.S. government can decide todeportyou. That means they make you leave the country, even if you want to stay in the U.S.

A deportation defense lawyer is someone who helps you understand the rules of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which is the law the U.S. government uses to decide who should be deported. If the U.S. government thinks you have broken the law, a deportation defense lawyer will help you decide what to do next.

Federal Litigation

We provide comprehensive federal litigation to aggressively challenge the USCIS in federal court for stalled cases or to correct flawed decisions. If you are stuck waiting for a decision by USCIS or have received a clearly faulty decision, we can help you take the next steps.

You’ll find some of the best immigration lawyers in Fort Myers at CFUIS—and our clients will tell you why.

    Immigration Lawyer Fort Myers, Florida | CFUIS (2024)
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