Honda S2000 AP2 Type S (2024)


Model History

Introduced in 1999 on Honda’s 50th Anniversary, the Honda S2000 was yet another entry into Honda’s lineup of exciting, enthusiast-focused models. It was an open-top sports car that was known for its exceptional handling and true 50/50 weight distribution – helped in part by its front-mounted ‘midship’ engine layout. Carrying on the legacy of its predecessors – the S500, S600 and S800, it was also rear-wheel drive and only available with a conventional manual transmission. The S2000 was composed of two generations during its production run – the first generation ‘AP1’, and the second generation ‘AP2.’ The AP2 generation, produced from 2004 to 2009 featured updated exterior styling – from new bumpers, headlight and taillight designs, as well as for the Japanese and US markets, an updated F22C1 2.2L engine that reduced the redline from 9,000 RPM to 8,000 RPM, with peak torque increased by 6% and revised gear ratios. Additional changes for this generation included updated suspension settings to reduce oversteer, a more rigid subframe and a drive-by-wire throttle in models made from 2006 onwards. The production of the S2000 also moved from Tochigi to Suzuka with the AP2 generation.

Produced during its last two years of production (2008-2009), the S2000 AP2 ‘Type S’ was a limited edition of the AP2 generation produced solely for the Japanese market. Similarly specced to the US market exclusive S2000 CR (Club Racer), the Type S featured similar weight-saving measures, the same model-exclusive body kit to allow for greater downforce, alloy wheels, and interior features. While both featured upgraded suspension tuning with improved geometry, the Type S’s setup was tuned to be stiffer but offer a balance for spirited ‘touge’ driving and all-round everyday use, compared to the CR’s hardcore, track-focused setup. In addition, S2000 CR’s featured a fixed hardtop, whereas Type S models retained the AP2’s original soft top roof. Only 1,755 examples were made, all sold in Japan.

History File

Presented to you at the Car Farm is a 2009 Honda AP2 S2000 Type S, finished in Platinum White Pearl with a Black interior. This example was originally birthed in Japan, before being officially registered into Hong Kong in 2015 – where it has received routine maintenance throughout it lifetime. Under the care of its current keeper, this Type S has a number of high-end aftermarket components from the likes of Mugen and ASM. In the form of the eye-catching Mugen Carbon Fibre Hard Top, MF10 wheels, air-intake and header. ASM parts are in the form of a tower bar, carbon fibre coil cover, throttle bodies and pulleys as well as an oil catch can. In the spirit of performance and lightweight-ness, a lithium battery has been installed. Aragosta coilovers are in place, along with a Cusco triangle bar, and a TODA exhaust for the rear – this example has been de-catted. For the brakes, this Type S is currently running on its original brake calipers, with Mugen brake discs and Endless Brake Pads with a recently replaced ABS Unit. The interior has been completely refreshed, with a brand new dashboard, steering wheel, Type S seats and floor mats. The stereo head unit is the original Honda Japan GPS unit which also has a DVD function. The last service was completed 6 months ago, which included an engine oil change, brake fluid flush, all of its belts and pulleys changed. This Type S has 2 previous owners, a currently mileage of 52,108km and a valid road license until 6th April, 2023.


As expected from an A grade exterior, the Platinum White Pearl paint on this example is in great condition – as observed from the amount of light which reflects off of its body. All of the body panels are aligned and straight with no signs of accidents or panel gap. The Honda emblems on the front and rear sections, as well as the S2000 and Type S badges are in great condition, with no significant signs of oxidation. As expected of a car that is meant to be driven and enjoyed, there were minor signs of stone chip markings across its front section. The headlights, rear lights and side indicators are in crystal clear condition and function as they should. The front lip and rear spoiler are in great shape and tightly secured. One of the many highlights of this Type S is the genuine Mugen Carbon Fibre hard top which separates it from any other Type S in the market. The iconic Mugen MF10 wheels are free from any signs of kerb rash, and behind them are the Mugen brake discs with Endless brake pads. The TODA exhaust fits perfectly within the exhaust cutout of the original rear bumper. The surrounding window trim is in excellent condition, with no signs of extreme fade, oxidation or brittleness.

Interior and Trim

Open up the doors of this Type S, we are greeted with a brand new interior, as observed from the dashboard, exclusive Type S seats, steering wheel and floor mats. The door panels are in great shape, remaining firmly secured to the doors, and all of the buttons within the cabin operate as they should and are clearly visible – free from any stickiness. The centre console is free from any scratches, while the shift knob and shift boot have matching Type S Yellow text and stitching respectively. The brand new steering wheel is free from any signs of shine, and feels great in the hands of the driver. The original Honda Japan GPS unit functions as it should, while offering the function of watching DVDs. As expected from a brand new pair of seats, there are no signs of wear, and they are very firm and supportive. The pedals are in good condition, with only small portions of their rubber grips that have fallen off – this does not affect their ability to perform.

Engine and Running Gear

At the press of the Engine Start button, alive comes the F22C – 2.2L inline-four unit – thanks to the Mugen headers, straight middle section and TODA rear exhaust the sound was enhanced and produced a sporty tone – letting people around you know its presence without being overly obnoxious. This Type S stays true to the praise of providing the S2000’s renown shifting experience. With the Aragosta coilovers, the driver is able to tune the suspension to suit not only the smooth roads, but the uneven surfaces that may be encountered through city driving. Due to the characteristics of the F22C, power delivery was more linear in comparison to the F20C, providing more low-end torque. The current brake setup provides ample amount of stopping power. Everything is running as it should and is ready for the next keeper to jump in and drive. This is the last of Honda’s true open top sports vehicle of its time and generation – now available to you at the Car Farm!

Buyer’s Premium:

5% of Winning Bid

(Minimum – HKD8,000.00)

(Maximum – HKD50,000.00)

Additional information




Manual Gearbox

Engine Size

Exceeding 1,500c.c. but not exceeding 2,500c.c.

Number of Previous Owners



Platinum White Pearl

Honda S2000 AP2 Type S (2024)
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