1999-2009 Honda S2000 AP1-AP2: Costs, Facts, And Figures (2024)

What a lot of people may not realize is that Honda's second ever production car was a two-seat, rear-wheel drive roadster. Called the S500, it was one of the pioneers of the kei sports car class in Japan, and to this day it remains one of the brand's most iconic cars. The same is true of the follow-ups, particularly the S600 in 1964. The S600 was the first mass-marketed Honda product, and the first car the automaker offered with left-hand drive to appeal to export markets.

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After the S family of sports cars, Honda started making rational, but still excellent automobiles we all know and love. Despite that, Honda's lineup was missing a traditional two-seat, RWD roadster, a hole that was once filled by the S500, the S600 and the S800. After a lot of planning and conceptualization, Honda finally plugged this hole in 1999 with the fourth member of the S family: the S2000.

Honda S2000 Overview

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Honda introduced the S2000 in 1999 as a 2000 model year vehicle. The naming is a coincidence, as the number in the car's name refers to the size of the engine. A concept car called the SSM, incidentally powered by a five-cylinder engine, previewed the production S2000. Production of the AP1 S2000 started in 1999, at Honda's Takanezawa plant in Japan. This factory is also the same place where the NSX and the original Insight finished their assembly.

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Honda offered the original AP1 S2000 from 1999 to 2003. A slightly revised model, called the AP2, arrived in 2004 with some notable changes. The exterior styling was very simple, with a canvas roof and very clean, beautiful lines. A long hood and short rear end, and no attention paid to Honda's corporate identity as far as the exterior styling goes. Even though it may seem logical to compare the S2000 with the Miata, the S2000 was a different type of car. Instead, the S2000 competed with the likes of the BMW Z4 and the Porsche Boxster.

Honda S2000 Powertrains And Drivetrains

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Over its 10-year production run, Honda offered two different powertrains on the S2000. The AP1, offered from 1999 to 2003, used a 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder, dubbed the F20C. This engine developed 240 hp and 153 lb-ft of torque. It redlines at a screaming 9,000 RPM, and thanks to VTEC and the comparatively small torque figure, you are very much encouraged to rev out this engine to get the absolute most out of it.

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The minute torque figure didn't exactly go over well with consumers, so Honda gave the AP2 S2000 a new engine in 2004. The F22C1 had a slightly higher capacity, displacing 2.2 liters. Horsepower remained unchanged, but the torque jumped to 161 lb-ft of torque. This came at the cost of a lower redline, which became 8,000 RPM.

The AP2 S2000 also received slightly revised styling, new alloy wheel designs and better suspension for reduced oversteer. Every S2000 sent power to the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual transmission, with no automatic offered at any point. The excellent chassis tuning, the total lack of weight and the rev-happy powertrain made the S2000 a total joy to drive.

Honda S2000 Comfort And Quality

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On the inside, the S2000's interior is very simple. The interior setup angles basically all the controls towards the driver, to the point where they're only accessible to the driver. The climate controls and most of the stereo controls are directly behind the steering wheel, though the panel in the center hides the actual stereo system. The AP2 S2000 received a few changes, including a new Honda logo on the steering wheel and a leather-wrapped shift knob.

One of the S2000's best known interior features is the gauge cluster, which is fully digital. The tachometer takes up most of the space, with only a digital speed readout in the middle. The fuel and temperature gauges are basically identical to those found in the original Insight.

The S2000 doesn't feature the latest and greatest technology, but it does have a good amount of creature comforts, including cruise control, climate control as well as a power top. In terms of reliability, there most likely won't be a lot to complain about here. Obviously, the S2000 seats two passengers, and it has just 5.0 cubic feet of trunk space.

Honda S2000 Prices

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The Honda S2000 is slowly starting to creep up in value on the used market. They meet reserves on auction sites consistently, and they're starting to get very expensive in good condition. Unmodified (if you can even find one), low-mileage examples are inching to the $30,000 mark. The late production CR models are getting even more expensive, to the point where they're just out of the question.

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If you want to own one of the best modern sports cars, and easily one of the best Honda models of the modern era, now is the time to go shopping for an S2000. Nice examples won't be around for much longer, and they won't stay the same price for very long either.

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1999-2009 Honda S2000 AP1-AP2: Costs, Facts, And Figures (2024)
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