A light-emitting diode, better known under the name LED is the main product in optoelectronics. Our LED product line includes the following products: COB, COB Tunable White, COB Horticultural, T/H LED and SMD: Mid Power, High Power, IR, UV, Multi Color, Cool White, Warm White, White HIG CRI. LED has several advantages: its ease of mounting on a printed circuit, its low power consumption, its mechanical resistance, its small size, its long life span and other characteristics make the light-emitting diode an increasingly inevitable component. LED is one of the most energy-efficient lighting devices because it converts very little electricity into heat. Today, the light emitting diode is a component increasingly used in various fields such as lighting, television screens, computer screens or decoration. Some estimate that this technology already represents more than 75% of total lighting market. Our other products in optoelectronics also include photodiodes and photodetectors. A photodiode is a semiconductor component with the ability to detect radiation from the optical domain and transform it into an electrical signal. While a photodetector (or photosensitive detector or optical detector or light detector) is a device (detector) which transforms the light it absorbs into a measurable quantity, generally an electric current or an electric voltage. The fiberoptic sensor is based on this principle.