Power management


We offer AC-DC power supply modules that can provide an alternating current or direct current, for PCB mounting. Manufactured under ISO-9001 standards, these AC-DC modules are compatible with a range of applications such as displays, small appliances, instrumentation, lighting, security, telecom and transportation. We also hold CE, CB, UL and CUL certified medical grade AC-DC power supply. High-density, high-efficiency and high-performance encapsulated DC-DC converters are available in our shop. All converter models have a wide range of inputs, they are available in regulated, unregulated or highly insulated versions and in a broad range of voltages. We can also work in close collaboration with you and our manufacturers in order to build you a customized power module, based on your needs and requirements. It will be tested multiple times to provide you with a high quality and reliable product, while complying with industry standards. Furthermore, we have a wide range of LED lighting power supplies, which are high-performance multifunctional electronic lighting devices used in a wide variety of industrial and domestic applications and projects.