Inductive components


Power supply EMI filter is a kind of reactance-type low-pass filter, installed at the power supply input of electronic equipment. It can inhibit noise transmitted through grid power cable, and can inhibit high-frequency interference signals generated by the electronic device itself. There are several types of EMI filters such as type P, type T which has the shape of a T, and type RC and LC. The balun allows the power to flow from an unbalanced transmission line (coaxial) to a balanced antenna (dipole). It is usually created by winding a coiled coaxial cable or a small section of two wires around a ferrite toroid or a mandrel (air core balun). RFID TRANSPONDER: The basic components of an RFID transponder are an electronic chip and an antenna (usually in the form of a coil). The electronic chip of a regular transponder offers a recording capacity of a few bytes to several kilobytes, depending on the chosen model.