Terminal blocks


A terminal block is a system that connects a wire to a printed circuit board or that secures several wires together, in accordance with international standards. DB Lectro offers you a wide range of terminal blocks for any type of installation. First of all, the classic screw terminal block, also called a terminal lug, assures a secure connection of the wires. It allows the connection of two or more electric wires. The spring terminal block offers a quicker connection compared to the screw-type model, but it is rarely used in an individual installation task. In addition to these two types, we also offer terminal blocks with accidental contact protection, panel-mounted terminal blocks, pluggable terminal blocks for a quick and modular installation of distributed system parts, power distribution terminal blocks, and multi-level terminal blocks. We also offer through-wall terminal blocks for easy connection, DIN-rail terminal blocks which protects wiring and equipment from overcurrent and short circuit faults, transformer terminal blocks, interface modules with a terminal block designed for standard DIN rail mounting, and barrier terminal blocks. All our terminal blocks are of high quality to fully satisfy our customers.